Keen bloggers, everyone

Various attempts at exploration have led to a new strain of thoughts on how far blogging will get you in a weekend. Networking is one such avenue for a keen blogger but I'm yet to cover all the bases there. It reminds me those weekends in the country Ernest Worthington used to avail himself of.  You know, Oscar Wilde -- Bunbury in the country, Worthington in the city, what. So Mr Blog makes an appearance -- one Mr Joe Blog to be precise. (or Blogs as is the want of such a surname). Blogging is also making a family of Blogs too. So there coudl be Blogs all over the plave ralted as kin to one another. Chat Blog. Political Blog. Appointment Blog. Blog au natural... There copidl be no end of blogs -- a whole pedigree of inter realted Blogs stretching forward and back -- like some rooted vine weaving its way through the web. Blog slept here. Blog knows. Long live Blog!