Trawling the past

I've been reading up on some material about the sixties radicalisation which, I note, seems to have caught me up in its wave of go out there and do it. Historically it is some time ago -- over thirty years to put a figure on it. Given the time scale and sundry other factors that kick in I cannot trust my memory of these days of yore.
You edit and displace incidents and exaggerate and bend or simply forget. What is striking is that the total numbers I was involved in -- with folk similar to what I was doing -- isn’t all that different from today. Indeed, we’re doing so much better. Despite the intensity I want to grant the events and passions of yesterday, the core group of players were smaller in number than now. It’s hard to get an easy understanding of how that relates to our experience of activsim today primarily because so much now is take for granted.
The major difference was the divide that separated us -- then -- from the rest of society. We were by dint of preference, lifestyle and attack outside the norm. It was as though a very clear demarcation existed, and once you crossed over you became something altogether separate and hostile. That's not the case today. Today there are nuances and subtleties without the ready polarisation kicking in. It’s harder to locate yourself outside the main stream as there are fewer supports out there that can make you feel good about the decision. The libertarians may be indulging in their brand of radical lifestylism -- but in terms of returning to the attack again and again that degree of relentless determination has been labled as passe.
But when you think about it -- consider the period as a bit of history unfolding -- you have to simply say that what was decided and fought for then is still on the agenda today. Things do change but not the urgent need to change them.