Dum vs Dee

And we are away and racing…in the parliamentary stakes. Today the forthcoming federal election date was finally announced and Australia will be going to the polls in early October. The cranking apparatii of democracy will now begin to move after being dormant for nigh on three years. The me-too bandwagon of political up-manship which has been touring nationwide these last few months and generating any number of snatches and headline kidnappings will henceforth take on a democratic template (used so often before with so similar results) such that by the end of this short period we all will be offered a cubicle of our own. With Hb pencil in hand the choice is yours. Such is our suffrage.

Bare with me as I give thanks.

[Me thinks: I will get excited. I will get excited. I will get excited...Once upon a time I did. ]

This is democracy as we know it. Under this economic system I get to choose between any number of consumables. But when I come to that cubicle next October –despite the fanfare and who ha– my choice will be Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee
Resolved to have a battle,
For Tweedle-dum said Tweedle-dee
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.

Just then flew by a monstrous crow,

As big as a tar-barrel,
Which frightened both the heroes so,
They quite forgot their quarrel.