Memo to the blog reading public

I told myself that I wouldn't get too intimate with you-- the blog reading public. I'm sure there's a nationwide shaking of heads as you lament that somehow you have all lost my empathy and confidence. Fair suck of the sauce bottle --you could be anyone, and the world are full of some nasties. (Not you especially as I'm sure your mum thinks the world of you and did right by you in the raising. But you never know who may drop by.)
So I've pulled back from your attempt to get close. Go read some adolescent's anonymous weblog. Seek out a acne driven diary. I have returned to proprietary and risen above the maddening throng who seek touchy feeliness from a blog.
So in conjunction with this enterprise here(which I now look upon as Riley Hub ) I have begun another blog which tries to put the world to right. Being new and fresh -- my take on this project is still burgeoning forth -- but it is moving . It lives -- elsewhere.
En route I seek to address the world with a new voice and a new mission. The packaging is forthcoming but the launch has been and gone.
So seek me here or seek me there . I remain yours...etc