This is a new stage

I was so keen about blogging that once I tried it I went rampaging forth advocating its blessings and starting blogs hither and yon. Straightaway I was drawn up short by a significant relapse.

Relapses are a common feature of my everyday existence as I have suffered for 19 long years from Fibromyalgia. But this one was particularly vicious that it rent my day to day existence apart. O me miserum! Just when I had found a new toy and new window to approach the world via I come down with a massive dose of incapacity.

So blogging and I put our relationship on hold. Instead I retreated to the raw existence of survival. It’s a touch boring doing that – but you know how ill you really are when you don’t feel the boredom bearing down and are content enough just to fill in time. That’s the clincher – if doing nothing and not been able to do anything isn’t frustrating– then you must really be ill! (or en route to Nirvana)

So note that folks: boredom is something only healthy folk are prone to. It’s a frustration of energy when you have more than your fair share.

Now I can say confidently that since I’m back being bored –so I must be recovering. Under such motivation, I’m also back blogging.

The subject of blogology wasn’t my main interest this day but it came up in the context of publishing. I was pondering the question of publishing and wondered how far the web could take me. Ebook and etext and webpage, blog and sundries are all part of what’s possible on the net. So it’s tempting to think maybe there’s a share there for me. I am still haunted by my own web pages which were often frequented and much respected despite my failure to update them for so long. This was one reason blogging appealed to me. Updating a page is so simple to do with a blog. No linkages page to page. No wondering about flow or pretty pictures …

On my old site there is an archive of some of my previous work – playscripts, columns, notes and various DIY tutorials. I even ran a couple of email discussion list for that site –and for a time there, a regular satirical e-zine – Graffito.

I’ve been cyber active for some time. And this, I guess, is a new stage.

So I’m thinking…a package is coming together in my head.

In the meantime, I need to apologise to any reader who may drop by. This is a process under construction. It's experimental as I see how far I can bend this technology and integrate it with my activities of daily living (relapses allowing that is)