How sweet IT is...

As the world lurches hither and yon we can sit in our domiciles and wonder about it all. I'm not trying to be aberrant but for a bunch of Chechen rebels to kidnap hundreds of Russian school children during the US Republican convention is pure serendipity. What more could George W. Bush have asked from in his evening prayers than this? Some one up there likes George.

What drama! What tragedy! What woe! And George W. Bush is loving it.

"Thank you. Oh thank you, Lord! You have answered my prayers. You givith me 9/11 and now this...I'm laughin'."

And so he should. The arrogant smirk on his ten gallon head has now got bigger. Laugh on George. Enjoy. This one is for you.

Elsewhere on earth, others follow suit and John Howard, is sure to take heart from the same good news. Starting a bit slow in the hustings this week, Australia's PM , like GWB, needed a free kick. And there from the very same God -- and in his own other name -- comes this dandy reward. Hallelujah!

Take note. The spectre does indeed exist and haunts us all. International Terrorism (hereon referred to as IT) stalks us all, if only in our nightmares (which is where we all go to vote anyway).

So while we may be asked at some stage to mark down our PM for being a liar, we are reminded that there is, after all , a war on and IT takes no prisoners (and if it does they are only for beheading).

So chop! chop! Let's get real. The core issues this election here in Australia aren't bread and butter ones. The core issue this election is IT --whatever that is...

Ask John Howard or George W Bush, they know : how sweet IT is...