The ALP gets real

NEWS ITEM : The Labor’s new immigration spokesperson, Laurie Ferguson, supported his party’s immigration policy, including mandatory detention, using more hardline language than his predecessors.Some of Mr Ferguson's responses echoed the Government's line on refugees, including its suggestion that some asylum seekers were "queue-jumpers" taking the place of genuine refugees.

LAURIE FERGUSON: I get a bit sick of being lectured to by people. What I do question is that people who don't want any rules, don't want any controls, don't want any checking are usually people whose contact is limited to a few niche cases that they get very emotionally involved in. These people lack knowledge, quite frankly, of the broader issues. Such a deficiency I do not share. Lets’ face it, the Labor Party received a drubbing at the election because it was held hostage to mamby pamby persuasions such as these. It was a disaster! A total disaster! Niche sentiments have no place in the Labor Party. We need to offer a different kind of program, a different vision of what we would do with power. We need to entice people to move away from touchy feely policies towards a more aspirational view of what politics is for. And you can’t do that without making rules and setting controls. That’s an obvious fact. These so called “refugees” can do what ever they like in a leaky boat as far as I’m concerned, but if they think we’ll grant them residency because they're adept at manipulating a few hearts and our legal system, they’ve got another thing coming. The Australian Labor Party won’t be made a fool of. We know exactly which policies we’ll keep and those we’ll scrap for the coming parliamentary term.

So get real: “asylum” – what’s that?