I don't possess a Che Guevera t-shirt but...

I don't possess a Che Guevera t-shirt. I have never owned any Che memorabilia. Maybe my wardrobe is the worst for it. Perhaps I'm a bland dresser because my raiment lacks that special Che style. But any inventory of Che iconography is a potent reminder of what he stands for. He didn't make records or grace magazine covers. He made revolution.
My particular personal problem was that I was never in sync with the Che mode and when I started losing my hair I decided that I could never hope "to be like Che".
An attempt by The Australian this week to rework Che's legacy only crudely reminds us-- at least it reminds me -- what any effigy of Che is really about. The recent release of The Motorcycle Diaries as a feature film has no doubt annoyed those who hate everything the rest of us think Che stood for.
Fortunately, Dave Deutschmann and staff at Ocean Press here in Australia are establishing a Che Guevera Archive which is where sceptics can begin to discover the real story behind the Che image. From there, be sure to check out what CISLAC has to offer.

As for me: It's about time I bought my first Che t-shirt. Venceremos!