Let me know, won't you?

If anyone knows some good blogsites that they think I would be partial to please let me know. Maybe I'm a snob but I find it hard to latch onto some real good stuff in way of political/cultural/satirical commentary. I don't want angst . I want anger.
I'm working on this one with those parameters in mind. You know, urbane and mordant with candid intimacy masked as leg pulling. I won't be sharing my bowel habits with you but I like to think I can be open and direct.
And now that I have titilated you -- here is the best read of the day: Jones blasts Labor's 'cancerous' factions. I can' t allow myself to comment on Mr Pick-a-Box's tirade as, on these pages, I've sworn off electoral pontification for the next 4o days of abstinence.