Time for closure

I think we've had enough. There's been plenty of opportunity for all to share their views on the recent federal election. Most of us, I'd think are seeking different banner headings than those related to the poll and its aftermath.
The shift to normal mode has begun and core topics such as pedophilia are back on the front pages where they seem to prosper. Even the unexpected rainstorm rate bold typeface...
A VOICE: So you reckon you can go back to the same ol same ol?
ME: It's over. The brass bands have packed up and gone home. What's there to say? It's over. In another three years--
--'In another three years!' Is that how you think! A lot can happen in three years!
--I was simply remarking that this election for all intents and purposes is over and another one is due in three years time.
--So you think that's it. We have to wait patiently until the next shebang, like the one we just had before we can expect to change things?
--Well that's how it works. That's parliamentary democracy for you: vote, then see/then vote...then see.
--It's a bit passive don't you think? You stand back with your thumbs up your arse and wait for what?
--For those elected to do what they said they'd do.
--That should be interesting.
--It's called a mandate.
--And what precisely would that be?
--Well Howard has a mandate to...govern.
--Bully for him. I'm having none of it.
--You can't do that. That's' not how it works. Golly. It may even be illegal.
--So sue me. I'm going for the jugular.