Within these four walls of Australia

With the Australian election over we can all now wallow to our hearts desire. O me miserum! Is what I am hearing. What is to become of us? Within these four walls of Australia pockets of our citizenry are gathering in their primary interest groups or whatevers, bewailing last Saturday’s poll result. If only we could turn back time…. They say. If we knew on Friday what we know now maybe a different result would ensue?

Indeed, in the face of it, this flare up of collective angst among the more progressive members of our Terra Australia Incognita community seems to have some cause. Howard’s back and he has been returned with avengence. Imagine what sort of open cheque he will say he has now!

But me, I’m mallow. You won’t see me letting my tea go cold. I guess that makes me pretty damn mature. I’m a political sophisticate. I can stare down this new government’ rifled barrel without flinching. Seen it all before I have. There’s no flies on Dave.

What, you may ask, causes my fuzzy feeling of complacency when my colleagues seem so glum? That is the issue I will explore in the days ahead.