The ALP gets real II

NEWS ITEM: The ALP reneges on its troops home by Christmas pledge . “Let's just be realistic”, said Kevin Rudd, “about the fact that the Government won the election…that there are going to be Australian troops on the ground in Iraq into 2005.”

Oh. Oh. Ah. Ah…
-- What’s wrong?
Ah. I’m adjusting to new realities.
--That must hurt?
Well it’s not as bad as all that. It may look hard but really…
--It’s a question of practice.
Exactly. And in the Labor Party you get plenty of that.
--I bet the fact that you lost the election is a touch advantageous?
Between you, me and the lamp post it was rather opportune . I hate to think what would have happened if we’d won! “Home by Christmas!” What were we thinking!
--So you had an ‘out’.
Yes indeed. It is this government who is going to have to keep them there. Our task is to address the new reality.
--And how would you do that?
We’d ‘Ah’ and ‘Oh’ a bit.
And fret some. Then we'll be putting pressure on the Government to articulate its own exit strategy.
--That’s not your problem.
Not any more. Iraq is their problem. We offered our ten bob’s worth.
--You told them so.
You betcha.
--You were right.
Mais oui.
--Australia should not have committed troops to Iraq.
Hang on! We never said that.
--But I thought you wanted them home by Christmas?
That’s what we said. But Labor always thought there was a prima facie case of sorts. And when Australian committed forces it was pretty much a done deal.
--So you weren’t strictly “anti war”?
God forbid! Whatever gave you that idea!