American Troops Entering Fallujah Iraq Are Showered with Flowers and Savory Middle Eastern Treats!

The situation in Fallujah caught many Arab experts by surprise. Even Juan Cole, a Professor of History at the University of Michigan, and the man behind the influential web site Informed Comment had it wrong. "I'm eating crow today." Said Cole in a phone interview. "I figured we would have to level the place to get the insurgents out of there. I was betting on a major loss of life on both sides. Boy do I look like a jerk. I will never question George W. Bush's insight into the minds of Arabs again."
"I just can't believe how nice the people of Iraq are." Said Private John Public. "They love us here. I can't wait till this thing is over and I can bring my family to visit, or maybe even live here. You see, I have bad allergies and the clean desert air is just fantastic. I haven't felt this good in years. I love Iraq! And Iraq loves us!" [Full article]