Much ado about voting

At last we are free of the much ado about voting. The polling booths are shut. The bunting has been taken down. Our front pages are returning to normal. You voted for Bush, Kerry or Nader if you were there; Labor, the Coalition, or miscellany if you were here.
A VOICE: It is a truly wonderful notion.
MYSELF: I beg your pardon?
-- Laissez faire, laissez passer.
Of course –a truly wonderful notion.’Tis the doctrine of the free market.
--Laissez faire, laissez passer.
It’s French for “let things alone, let them pass”.
--“Let things pass…Leave them alone….” First used by the eighteenth century Physiocrats as an injunction against government interference with trade, it is now more often used as a synonym for strict free market economics. Adam Smith played a large role in popularizing laissez-faire economic theories in English-speaking countries. But modern industrialised nations today are not typically representative of laissez-faire principles, as they often involve significant amounts of government intervention in the economy. This intervention includes minimum wages, significant redistribution through tax and welfare programs, government ownership of businesses and regulation of market competition.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. But I think you are wrong there.
[It was here I could hear the VOICE suck in its teeth and snort .]
--Wrong! [It said.] How can I be wrong!
Well [says I] all nations nowadays seem to be moving toward rather than away from the free market.Its as though we are entering a new epoch of laissez faire economics.
--But that…that could only mean…one thing.
[Here the VOICE halted in mid fancy. I thought I could hear a distinct gasp.]
--And one thing only. Ye gads! Is it possible? Pure capitalism!
Adam Smith did say it was"the system of natural liberty."
--But what about ethics, efficiency,…What about sustainability?
That’s were creative accounting kicks in…and liberty, don’t forget that.
Yes, liberty. Individual rights to choose how we want to live.
--Choose! Choose! You talk about choice!
I do [says I]. I talk about choice.
--Under capitalism?
I do.
--Huh. Choose what?
How we want to live.
--By voting?
Especially by voting.
--Like you just did…?
Like we just did.
--And what did you get to choose?