Palm Island's guinea and other pigs.

NEWS ITEM: POLICE on Queensland's riot-torn Palm Island have been accused of using the Aboriginal population as terrorism guinea pigs after children as young as nine were forced at gunpoint to lie face down on floors during late-night raids by Tactical Response Group officers.

Oh dear! Them black bastards are acting up again. We send them to this place for their own good. So they can get an education and a decent roof over their heads and the next thing you know -- them blacks are biting the hand that feeds.

--But wasn't Palm Island a prison?

Heavens above no! Maybe we culled a bit here and there but we thought that Palm was a great place to relocate problem cases. You get those in all communities -- white, brindle or black. In the beginning we snaffled together 1600 of them from all over.

-- But they couldn't leave...

Yes and no. It was an island paradise remember. We're talking palm trees ,golden beaches...Who'd want to? Those lucky black bastards don't know when they're well off. So we indulged them. I admit that now. We indulged them and gave them their own Community Council back in '85.

-- But you left them with no infrastructure.

We took back our own stuff. Thats' all. Owners keepers remember. They wanted autonomy --so stuff em': let them do it on their ownsomes.

-- But the unemployment, alcohol abuse and crime there...

Dah! Thats' not our business. It's their's. We sent them a few coppers to keep order --and what do they do?

--Bite the hand that feeds?

Burn down their own community cop shop at the first hint of foul play. I ask you?

--So you declared a state of emergency, sent it the shock troops, used the opportunity to trial your anti-terrorism tactics, and placed selected ring leaders on attempted manslaughter charges?

You betcha.


Why not?