Radio weblog

I guess it is appropriate to declare my intentions sooner rather than later. As I try to get into the swing of this blogging caper I begin to merge with its many essences. Sooner or later blogger and blog become one like some zen essentiality. The ethereal propensity of the web takes over and before you know it here's Keanu Reeves dropping by for a bit of this and that.

AGENT SMITH : Why, Mr. Anderson?
NEO : Because I choose to.

Since I'm not a Matrix aficionado nor much of a geek I can't pretend that I will pilot you through such a noir-esque sewer and be entertaining or profound at the same time. But I want to tease one word from the netrix and share it with you: radio.
Yep, web radio--it's the new Life of Riley enterprise. Starting from this post I will be running a concurrent blog(soon to be set upon in Hypertext Markup Language) as I begin the business of establishing my own radio station.
RATBAG RADIO will be on the web just as soon as I find out how I am going to do it. For the moment, all I can say is that ignorance is bliss so excuse me if I seem to wallow in this moment.
Now if there is anyone dropping by who knows anything about web radio I'm all...ears. I can be ever so humble and defer to anyone who knows stuff that I don't. But since I want to refer such technical questions to the new blog I won't address any involved issues here. Instead I will label this new(yet_to_be_set_up) blog site as a chronicle of this exercise. Those who may be impatient are welcome to seek their own listening pleasures by clicking the PirateRadio icon in the column to the right.
That said, my next post will return to the subject of the politically mundane. In it I will accost such matters that normally concern the blog reading public in as bold a InstaPundit voice as I can muster.