Ratbag Radio is now broadcasting.

The new web radio station is on the air. But whether it is being listened to is, of course, something else. So if you want to trial the experience take your cursor over to the right hand column and travel via the Ratbag Radio icon to give the technics a try.I can't say I have much to offer while we run our tests but at least you can say you scanned by. I apologise if the station is off the air when you drop by..but you know how it is?

As for the name-- "ratbag" -- I offer the following vocabulary enrichment exercise:

. Macquarie dictionary (1991):‘n. colloq. 1. a rascal; rogue. 2. a person of eccentric or nonconforming ideas or behaviour. 3. a person whose preoccupation with a particular theory or belief is seen as obsessive or discreditable: that Marxist ratbag. -ratbaggery, n. -ratbaggy, adj.’

Australian national dictionary (1988):‘A trouble-maker, a rogue; an eccentric; a person to whom some opprobrium attaches. … Hence ratbaggery n. …

So listen up and send any comments you may want to share with the new enterprise. God luck missives are most welcome. I recommend that you check out the Pirate Radio Network anyway: a wide range of web radio stations with easy to access streaming audio which is very kind to your download usage. Just the thing for those times you are caught at the terminal and wonder what else is on offer.

Life of Riley may be distracted over the next few days as the radio experience is embraced but normal programming will return as soon as a full on episode of ratbaggery has run its course.

What is not so much known of me is that I have served my time as the irrepressible Professor Ratbaggy whose Punch and Judy Red Cordial Show delighted many a youngster. Now Mr Punch and Dear Judy are 'at large' , that is, between gigs. I miss them so... But what I no longer do behind a puppet booth, I now hope to explore with a microphone and a pc. Anyway that's the fancy anyway... As that naughty rascal Mr Punch would say. "That's the way to do it!"