What irony...

This yet another echo from the Vietnam War -- Fallujah must be destroyed in order to save it from control by a resistance to the U.S.-invasion/occupation -- is a bleak reminder that irony will prosper when so many Fallujahns don't. The original phrase referred to Ben Tre in Vietnam, about whose destruction a US officer chimed, "We had to destroy the town in order to save it" . But the same reference could stand for US policy anyway: "We had to destroy [Fill in Country Name] in order to save it..."

As Left I has noted:

"I still don't understand these people's mentality. Do they think they can really win?"- 2nd Lt. Shawn Gniazdowski, 23, of Chesterland, Ohio, referring to the insurgents in Fallujah, and evidently having inherited his commander-in-chief's complete lack of self-awareness or sense of irony.

Lt. Gniazdowski continued, "It's a shame to see the destruction of an entire city because of a couple thousand fighters." I'll bet he'd think it's a bit more than a "shame" if he was one of the 300,000 people who actually live in Fallujah. I had to laugh (and cry) when I read that the Marines have promised $75 million for infrastructure projects in Fallujah as soon as the fighting ends. Yes, that ought to rebuild...let's see...if Halliburton is involved...carry the three...exactly one bridge. OK, a one-lane bridge. Just a regular Iraqi whose house was blown to bits? Suck it up, pal. What were you thinking, been born in Iraq? And in Fallujah no less.