Absolute beach frontage

Elsewhere at Diogenesan Discourse a recent post of mine has been cause for a few exchanges. Indeed some visitors here have been kind enough to leave their footprint here. I'm sorry that all the to-ing and fro-ing has passed me by as I have been occupied with such lifestyle matters as keeping the sand out of my tent. I've been away. On hols. Incognito. Communicating with nature by doing the proverbial summertime thing beachside.

Now I could go on to address you with my observations on camping grounds or the nature of the tidal exchanges in the lead up to the December full moon but instead I will refer you to the fact that so many of my fellow countrypersons are addicted to the seashore. What is it with Australians that they must live in cooee of the coast? Any talk about Location Location Location here inevitably includes some blab about beach access. But when you actually get there --to the shoreline, foreshore or what have you -- you're really talking about the very same bits and pieces: sand, sheoaks, coastal banksias, tea tree,occasional mangove swamps and the navigable rocky outcrop.

Here where I live -- in South East Queensland -- the urban diaspora is surging north and south to gobble up the coastline such that the metropolis begins where the sea stops as nothing else seems remotely capable of restraining it. So yesterday's sleepy beachside resort(and it was only yesterday that it was sleepy) is now a bona fide suburb in this long dormitory chain that stretches for hundreds of kilometres hugging the coastline like a rut.

As for "absolute beach frontage" -- well, that's the thing, isn't it? You know you've really made it when you can boast that your parcel of real estate fronts the big blue. Today the Big End of town ends where the sea begins.

Perhaps you are thinking,"what the heck! Who gives a damn? Since it is only sand, surf and the occasional geological add on it's of no real substance anyway." But nothing reflects the free form madness of suburbia than this relentless quest to merge the master bedroom with the great outdoors. If you want that,do what I do, go pitch a tent on a sand dune. And when you've had your fill of the seaside go home. Why spoil the very environment your yearn for by civilising it with all the accoutrements of suburbia? What's the point?

Ultimately people have to accept that Nature and society aren't quite the same thing. There is conflict at the interchange. Suddenly rezoning the shoreline Residential A grade land inevitably has consequences not only on the environment itself but our own relationship with it. If you don't believe me, just look at what happened to the land under Agricultural use. The irony of the coastal strips hither and yon of here is that they were considered too unproductive for agriculture so they festered ignored and pristine until the seventies when the Seachange thing really got going. Now it's all prime real estate and yesterdays' mangove swamp is a 'waterway' or a 'lakeside' devlopment. And Mr and Mrs Average waxes on about the pelican who comes to their back door when there were hundreds before...

Such 'love' of nature is something Nature can do without.