Tony Abott's love child

I spent a lot of time with adoptees and am familiar with their right of passage in regard to finding their biological parents. Many adoptees project a lot of identifiers onto their blood relatives, wishes and hopes in regard to idealised notions of their kin -- but to discover late in life that your long lost parent was none other than Tony Abbott is the stuff of nightmare.
You have to feel sorry for the adoptee, Daniel, for being 'outed' on the front page of every major newspaper in the country.
Of course Abbott is wallowing in his moral standards and the ease with which his mortally sinful youthful activities--egads! sex outside marriage-- did not also lead to the most grievous and heinous sin of all -- a state sanctioned abortion. But before we get all indulgent and mawkish over the moral attributes of this most truly christian of federal health ministers, twenty seven years ago wasn't a very good time for womens' choice in Australia. The reality is that this " absolutely gorgeous story from whoa to go" --as Daniel's biological mother now describes it to the media in hindsight-- is very rarely so sacharine.
Adoption and the consequent lying games inherent in the practice is a brutal imposition on any child. Indeed it has only been in the last decade in Australia that adoptees have been given limited access to their birth records. The standard familial practice is such that most adopting couples pass off the child as their own and ask neighbours, friends and relatives to be complicit in the lie. While this aproach is now rejected, the same network of deceit and denial is being standardly replicated under banner of various donor conception programs.
An"absolutely gorgeous story" like this may make for great melodrama(just wait until Womens Weekly gets to it!) but it doesn't always make for happy campers and the complexity of what to do at conception is not as simplistic as Abbott wants to make out.
Eight years before Abbotts' love making, a close relative of mine experienced the horrors of three illegal abortions during the time of the Beach Inquiry in Victoria and had to travel to Sydney from Melbourne for one temination in the most horrendous circumstances. She didn't have a kind Vera Drake on hand to put it right nor was she allowed by her religion to use contraceptives.All this had to be done in secret.
She was finally "exposed" because she had to finally ask her father for a loan to pay for a termination. D&Cs didn't come cheap back then as there were expensive coppers to pay off.
Now this moral champion -- with two years of full time theology under his belt -- wants to exploit the coincidence of his son's reappearance to preach the Catholic doctrine of abstinence and opposition to abortion while the Pope, the Holy Father of foetuses everywhere, is indisposed.
But now, Abbott's atonement for his youthful indiscretion is complete. Perhaps Australia could look forward to another beatification before long. Then Saint Tony could truly become the Abbot of a our national monastery.
"Dominus vobiscum."says Tony.
"Fuckus thou," says I.