Back in the saddle

Today my next door neighbour wheeled in my new mode of transport. You can call these kickbikes, push scooters or dogscooters. They are driven with the tootsie thrown forward and pushed vigorously aft. You can add a dog or two if you have them to spare -- dogpower--and simply yell out "Mush!" to see what happens.

My neighbour's task was to make me one from a cut down BMX with 20" wheels. One of my two terriers -- no more than 5 kgms of Jack Russell plus godknows? - straightaway heard The Call of The Wild and was back running with the primordial pack. So I'm now a dogscooter-er too.

That may not be here nor there but it does get me back on the streets --"out in god's good air" as my mother was want to say. So me and Scratch went scootering while Milly dragged behind on a summer's day in March 2005.

Yes. It may not be here nor there but it does tell me that the heavy burden of ill health that has been bearing down upon me for some time may be over. I can scoot. Good golly molly I can scoot! And if I can scoot, I can blog. And if I can blog well I may even be able to get back in the saddle. You know, take control. All this in time for bike week.

So this is my round about way of saying: I'm back. Life of Riley is back. Back from pain and heartache. Back in the saddle (my scooter does indeed have one). Back on board. Back blogging.

What I mean is blogging more rather than less. Getting out more. Have scooter /will travel kind of thing. Messing it with the cut and thrust of the everyday world of other mortals rather than being domiciled.

So we need to look kindly upon dogscooters. It's therapy not just walkies.

postcript: I used to own one of those small wheeled Razors-- but my daughter went and lost it. I don't recommend them for grownups nor grownups with daughters. They look silly. Not the daughters so much as grown man balancing on billard balls who pretend it is aform of transport. So my daughter cured me of the little wheelers. I went cold turkey for years and have now moved up a few radial inches. What this means is that I have extended my reach. In my personal self imposed protest against cars I can now proudly say that I have found a solution for those trips that are slightly beyond my everday reach.

I can pull up by the curb
I can make it on the road
Goin' mobile
I can stop in any street
And talk with people that we meet
Goin' mobile
Keep me movin'

Keep me movin', groovin', groovin', yeah

Movin', Yeah

Mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, ...