Life in the suburbs #2

NEWS ITEM:I'm shocked to learn that the cops had the stolen car bugged and under surveillance for 3 days. How then can they justify the sudden imperative necessary to justify a fatal car chase, knowing the people in the car were just teenagers not up to anything major?

YOUR URBAN ADVISOR: How quickly a lie unravels. Dear me. No sooner have we buried the dead than your local constabulary comes under intense scrutiny. Macquarie Fields isn't going anywhere, especially up market. So we must cancel out its outstanding encumbrance (ergo: the deceased). The "incident" is impacting on real estate values like you wouldn't believe! Can't we change the postcode or something? Maybe a re-name is in order. That's it! Thats' it! A name change. Something that breaks with the past but also hangs onto some of the local pedigree... "Elysian Fields" Thats' it! Thats' it! Drop this 'Macquarie' reference (some old fart was he?) and rebuild local equity starting with a new lable and multiple listing. But move those police people. They have to go They're giving the place an air of thuggery. We want this place unencumbered.

They may think any house anyhow is open for inspection but we'll decide which properties are listed.