Life in the suburbs #3

A guest Urban Advisor:

NEWS ITEM: Bob Carr to media 5-3-05:Listen, reality check!There are no excuses for this behaviour and I am not going to have it said that this behaviour is caused by social disadvantage.A lot of people grew up in circumstances of social disadvantage and theydid not go out and attack police with bricks and light fires in thestreets ... There is one blame here and that is the people who went outand threw bricks and caused riots. There's only one thing to say to them: the police will get them, because they are engaged in illegal behaviour.And our whole approach to policing has been to drench areas that areproviding us with problems with police.kquote

A swift and final solution to Macquarie Fields

By Decent Folk

It’s all their parents’ fault, I reckon. Those MFBs were brought upwrong. Probably, they are genetically rotten. Bad stock. Evolutionary trash.

Don’t waste more public money on an inquiry, Bob. They’re our taxes!

I reckon they should just be rounded up. Don’t waste time mucking aroundwith a couple of hundred riot police, bring in the army. They are justaround the corner from Macquarie Fields. Roll in with the tanks andarmoured cars and infantry with fixed bayonets.

Round up everyone between 12 and 30, take their parents – and theirgrandparents for good measure – and truck them off to one of thosedisused camps in the middle of the desert -- the one the government usedto stick those bloody boatpeople in.

Don’t spare the women, they’ll just breed more bad ‘uns.

Level their houses and flog it to Mirvac.

Don’t waste public money feeding these criminals. Serve them some spikeddrinks – they’ll drink anything -- then get some medical students tocome in and cut them up. We can sell their body parts to decent folk whoneed them. Eyes, kidneys, hearts … but burn their brains. There’s boundto be a company that’ll take this on. There’s a few quid to be made here.

Don’t feel sorry for those people. Reality check. This is the 21stcentury, don’t they realise? These people consciously and deliberatelychose to commit crimes. There is no excuse for that. Crime is a choice.It is not a matter of where you live; it is a matter of how you behave.No excuses, no hand wringing, no holding back. It is all their ownfault. They need tough love. We must act swiftly