Living in the suburbs #1

NEWS ITEM: Rioting has subsided at Macquarie Fields in south-western Sydney, but police are keeping watch over the area. Residents in the suburb have attacked police officers in the area since Friday night, when two local teenagers were killed in a car chase.The residents blame police for the deaths.

YOUR URBAN ADVISOR: I don’t live in Macquarie Fields -- I wouldn’t want to live in Macquarie Fields -- but if I did I’d move. It’s a blot on the Australian landscape that place. I don’t care much for this blaming game either. I don’t care who’s to blame for all those incidences. We don’t do that kind of thing here. It’s un-Australian to do that. To riot. We get along here with each other more or less without resorting to a punchup,even when the police are involved. If it gets too much in your street you do the Australian thing --and move. Move out. Move on. Move up if you can.Put that place behind you. And hope to god there’s enough equity in the family home to make the move.(But imagine what front page news like this does to property values!) That’s my ten bob’s worth of advice...regardless of interest rates. Get away from that place. Head for greener fields than these Macquarie ones. I’d pick up sticks. Move out and let those who stay sort it out.Thats’ my advice, my ten bob’s worth, if you ask me.

However, if for some reason you stay put you should get a local number of the Neighbourhood Watch going...or a dog.