Making amends

With another 450 Australian soldiers being sent to Iraq I guess we can all wallow in the fact that we just have to finish the job. Iraq is a mess. We had a role in creating that mess…so it’s our responsibility to see this business – unfortunate as it may seem -- through. That’s the kind of do or die effort that makes for true grit. Let’s not do things by half measures. Lets’ finish the job.

---Job? But what job was that? What’s this job we supposedly set out to do?

Not the “job” so much. I mean, we went there as part of the Coalition of the Willing for the wrong reasons. We know that now. They were very wrong those reasons why we went there.


Yes."Invaded". We were duped. But now we’re stuck with this big awful mess. And to tell you the truth we are a little responsible for it. So we gotta stay and make it right. We’re in too deep. Now we have to clean it up.

--By doing more of the same?

Unfortunately that is the case.

--At gun point.

No. Not actually at gun point. We are there to make things right, to make amends.

--At gun point.

There you go again. Don't say that! This isn’t a war thing anymore so much as penance. We’re saying in a round about way that we’re sorry – you know for all the blowing up of stuff and all the dead, you know, dead people – and we are going to stay behind to make amends. We’re going to stay on and rebuild Iraq.

--Even though they don’t want you to?

Well…It may appear that way but really what are we supposed to do? We can’t just abandon them, can we now? They need us. They just don’t realize it.

--So those extra troops are there to protect Iraqis from themselves? They’re there because the people of Iraq don’t know what’s good for them.

I wouldn’t say that—

--I guess you wouldn’t.

It’s more…well…it’s more the case that those extra troops are there because we're already there

--So they're there because they’re there, because they're there?

If they weren’t there in the first place we wouldn’t have to send any more. We have an obligation. And it’s not in our nature to welch on our responsibilities.

--Gee,I hope those Iraqis see it that way and understand.

I hope they do too.