Memoes to note

NEWS ITEM: "When I heard the tape of his (Tony Abbott's) girlfriend Kathy talking about their relationship and she was saying they were having sex but he was considering the priesthood, I thought 'Gee, thats' got to be the best pick-up line in the business.' it probably works better than 'I think I might be gay, can you help me?'" Wendy Harmer, broadcaster & comic.

I don't want to get caught up too much in the business of bagging Tony Abbott -- but given the nature of the man's politics I can't resist the opportunity to get in a good head kick when I am offered one. I also don't want to give the impression that I am pre-occupied with religious matters. I am a run-of-the-mill suburban atheist who makes it up as I go.
One week I may be ragging Tony Abbott when I’m out and about and the next I’m baiting Peter Singer. But here I will be proper and won’t inpose upon you a rant on matters moral. Just assume I am ethically numb.
Not that that makes me a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t suffer from anxiety and I do. I get nervous and dense as much as any common man. I angst well within the norm. But I’m not hung up about it. I pontificate..and you have the option to listen or not.
So I gotta come back to this Tony Abbott fella, because he is the thin edge of the wedge. He’s got the arrogance and the chutzpah to lead with his chin. And there you have it -- the order of business writ large. There’s no bullshit with Tony. And I value him and I cherish him for it -- god bless his sweet, catholic, I-kid-you-not arse. Hosanna! Tony tells it straight.
It’s like having a weather vane atop Capital Hill set to tell you which way the wind is fixing to blow.
I listen up to Tony Abbott. I do. I make a point of it. He speaks in memoes:
1.Limit access to Abortion. 2.Smash trade unions. 3. Pick up laundry. 4.Dismantle welfare state.
Note re style:TAMs
In its final form, the Tony Abbott Memo(TAM) should be clear and informative. Generally, its tone will be neutral or positive, but it may occasionally have to issue complaints, directives or reprimands . It employs caution in negative situations, and is aware of its effect. When spiteful, blunt, condescending, or too coldly formal, TAMs wind up alienating people. Ostentatious language, excessively technical jargon, or complicated syntax make the TAMs sound pompous. Hence, he will try to be cordial, straightforward, and lucid, avoiding chit-chat, but striving toward a relaxed and conversational style. When projecting an image of consideration, he often stands a much greater chance of being viewed as knowledgeable and competent in carrying out his parliamentary responsibilites.