Blog surfing while allowing for occasional sips of freshly brewed tea

I am stiff at this moment of historical time. Not limber. Stiff -- and sore. My activities of daily living are curtailed because I ache all over.
What better pastime while in this condition, assuming I can hit targeted keys, than the computer? It is afterall easier to punch the letters of the alphabet than hold a book in front of the face, a heavy hardback especially. Further down the vegetive scale is television--after that your status is prone in bed with the radio on.
At least the pc option allows for occasional sips of freshly brewed tea.
In betwix I go surfing among the world wide web of blogs.
Have you ever done it, gone blog surfing? If you click on the link at the top of this page which reads NEXT BLOG>> you get to visit my neighbour in blog cyberspace. If you click back to me and then take the tour option again, the original blog is missing and a new one takes its place.
And so it goes...
You can NEXT BLOG>> for hours through the Blogger network visiting all these bright young things angsting or being opinionated (not that there's anything wrong with that).
An optional tour is to visit one blog with a particular bent and exploit their blogable links. So you get pro war blogs or right-to-life blogs, blogs for peace or somesuch as each thread is exploited and worked on by sundry pundits. These issue oriented blogs tend to fall into three distinct categories: Right, Liberal and Left.
The blog universe is dominated politically by conservative bloggers. The arrogant ranting Right has embraced the medium and made a pulpit from it.
The umm-ing and eh-ing Liberals have taken their ethical bent, usually worn on their sleave, and have worked hard to club together a community of bleeding hearts (not that there’s anything wrong with that).
And the Left basically has fallen into a game of one upmanship by seeking to be assuredly more left than the other by employing the occasional shibboleth to make blogging ends meet if not in the middle then at least preferably to one radical side.
I expect the Right to do what they do (and they do it very well indeed); and the Liberals are making their mark with heartfelt concern (and there should be more of that) but the Left blogs annoy me no end. The Left, in the main, is so insular and there are so few of us out there that our advocacy can hardly be heard over the din from so many keyboards being vox popped. While the Right lords over the blog universe as though it was their own to do with as they please, the Left is dissipated and tends to circle the blogging wagons while falling victim to closeted exchanges among themselves. That's no doubt a symptom of a much larger complaint -- a bunker mentality.
While the Liberals may want to be ever so caring, the Left is fortunately enamoured with the question of What Is To Be Done? That’s what real left wing-ness is all about. But it ain’t always easy to do what needs to be done.
I’m a WITBD boy from way back but it is hard to make that an everyday topical blog. To stop the war in Iraq or free interned refugees requires so much activity by so many people that blogging alone won’t surfice. So blogs, especially left blogs, fall back so often and become hybrid left liberal blogs -- you know, little snippets in caring (not that there’s anything wrong with that) which are then left at that. It's a I'm a blogger not a fighter approach.
If I fall victim to such episodes -- and I do and I will; frequently-- please forgive my penchant for heartfelt concern. I’m not like that at all. I am really not in the business of being opinionated (pull the other one, Dave). I am, instead, preoccupied with the challenge of getting things done.
So in answer to the question What is to be done? After jotting down your list of tasks (world peace, eat the rich, etcetera) you then ask yourself the question: Where to begin? If that is your standard frequently asked question then stick around in my itsy-bitsy fleck of the blogging universe. Come back again...and again...and again. Until we get this sorted.
QUOTE OF THE DAY: Then I realized a fundamental thing: For one to be a revolutionary doctor or to be a revolutionary at all, there must first be a revolution. Isolated individual endeavor, for all its purity of ideals, is of no use, and the desire to sacrifice an entire lifetime to the noblest of ideals serves no purpose if one works alone, solitarily, in some corner of America, fighting against adverse governments and social conditions which prevent progress." -- Che Guevara.