How to get out of Iraq...

HAWKEYE: Why can't the war stop, General? It's gone on for over two years now--surely the army must be in profit by now.--Larry Gelbert*

I was touring when I came upon this bold answer to what seems a pressing problem: How to get out of Iraq #1-- followed by, in succession, answer #2 and answer #3 as though one sign post wasn’t enough.
This is what is known as an "exit strategy".
All that seemed to be required was a card: Get Out of Iraq Free.
It was fantasy. Peace now without the leg work, without a price being paid.
We have to presume that the Iraqies will do most of the paying as they are doing most of the dying and such so that this massive exercise in barbarism can run its course. What is not so easily accepted is that the price has to be mutual. The US and its allies in Iraq will not leave unless they are forced to. That’s the rub.

--So what would force the US to leave Iraq? [you ask]
First they must lose the war.
--This is the US we are talking about, the biggest, meanest, most sophisticated and relentless military machine ever assembled. They can’t even lose a battle, how can they lose a war?
It takes soldiers to fight wars. And it takes a people back home to support those troops in the field. The more the people back home actively turn against the war, the less dedicated are its troops in waging the war.
--That works?
Sure does. It’s a morale thing. Wars aren’t fought only on the battlefield, they are won or lost on the home front too.
--You're talking hearts and minds?
Thats' right--hearts and minds. Our hearts and our minds and their hearts and their minds over there.
--Mine too?
Anyone's. Just don't keep it a secret.

*From Laughing Matters by Larry Gelbert. Gelbert created the TV series, M*A*S*H, and wrote many of its best episodes.