The last word (perhaps)on Terri Schiavo goes to Che Guevera (with a lot of help from Andy Coates)

I am a reformed nurse. 'Mister sister' as someone once called me(who couldn't understand how a man could be doing 'woman's work'). Deliverer of bed pans and TLC. So I've helped a few to the next world. (That wasn't my intention but you lose a few here and there.)
My most valued experience during my ministering period was the privilege to share with someone their death. I always saw that as a gift bestowed upon me by those who were confonting their own mortality as I worked at their bedside. It is a humbling experience and if I could have my life over again I'd be a hospice junkie. There's no bullshitting when the end is nigh.
So the Terri Schiavo episode meant a lot to me and among all the many opinions opined I think this comment by Dr Andy Coates is most relevant to our here and now.