Throwaway democracy

NEWS ITEM: "History will judge the Pope harshly. His opposition to the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV has contributed to millions of people dying an agonising, needless death. Millions of children in developing countries are orphans; having lost their parents to Aids because of the Pope's anti-condom dogma….Pope John Paul II waged a ceaseless war against the human rights of women and gay people; opposing the right of women to control their own fertility; blocking women's equality in the church; and endorsing state-sponsored discrimination against lesbians and gay men." --Peter Tatchell

I’m pretty much poped out and I’ve been having flashbacks about my catholic boyhood. Fortunately I’ve been reading Terry Jones book, Who Murdered Chaucer? That’s M. Python Jones who has won a reputation these days as a keen critic of Bush’s War on Terror. And I can reveal to my readers that the pope’s own holy roman church murdered Chaucer - or so Jones reckons -600 years ago.
But this church thing and its gift of papacy does make you wonder what is going on. I mean 600 years ago was such a long way back but we are still being called upon to pay homage to these, well, killers. As Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in The Canterbury Tales wrote:

Mordre wol out, that se we day by day.
Mordre is so wlatsom and abhomynable

So I have to ask: why? What’s going on? Why should we be so plaintive today over the death of this pope at the very same time as Iraq is being brutalised under guise of fanciful excuses?

"Ummm...,"methinks. [Rubs chin.] And yet still more ummming...

Between me, you and the lamp post I've got this funny feeling that maybe its all got a lot to do with throwaway democracy. Gone are ye old days of ideological one upmanship. With a triumphalist capitalism to gush on about, maybe this democracy thing isn't the useful political wedge it used to be. So its junked -- who needs it?

What we need, or at least what the certifiably downtrodden masses (that's me and you) are going to get, is morality. You want motivation, you got it. It's all comes down to a moral imperative. George Bush or John Howard are morally more prescient than anyone you care to mention. So don't go asking dear John or dear George for anything tangible like a handout or something. It's no longer about your welfare it's got more to do with your immortal soul --and that comes a lot cheaper--and it's all DIY!

I'm sorry but after much consideration I have worked out that you will henceforth have to accommodate to a less lavish lifestyle -- perhaps one with the occasional real war fancifully excused. That will be, as they say, your lot. And you will accept all this because you seek to be as virtuous as those who would rule you. Wars will be just ones -- kind of. Life will be upright. And hopefully an untimely death will only happen to some poor far off wog bastard sitting on more barrels of oil than they deserve, rather than your good self.

So we don't really want liberty or death. No sireee! What we really want is meaning -- and maybe a few rules. We also need to embrace a true repentance for overspending during the seventies and fartarsing about with any number of hair brain social doctrines. We need all this whether we like it or not. That's forbearance.

And that, my friends, is why we also need popes. Or, at least, why dear John or dear George are so demanding of their ethical mentors and wants them up front and personal.

So who murdered democracy? And who is going to cover up the crime?

Murder will out, we see it every day.
Murder's so hateful and abominable

That he ne wol nat suffre it heled be,
Though it
abyde a yeer, or two, or thre.
Mordre wol out, this my conclusioun.
And right
anon ministres of that toun
Han hent the carter, and so soore hym pyned,
eek the hostiler so soore engyned
That they biknewe hire wikkednesse
And were anhanged by the nekke-bon.