What am I?

I don't normally go by the labels. I’m one of those anonymous types who can pass muster as this or that as the occasion requires. I’m adaptable. That’s how I have evolved thus far. It’s how I get by.
But if you were to ask me about my politics I would be loave to assume a standard fit. Not that I’m dilettantish -- I’m not x number of political things at one and the same time, for ever drifting between either/or like some smart arse political chameleon who cuts their cloth to suit the fashion of the times. I am not a [spits] liberal. As Popeye was want to say: "I ams what I ams." And I am --wait for it --a dialectical materialist.
Actually, come to think of it, I am more than one political thing at the same time -- but you wouldn’t know it to look at me. I am driven by contradictions struggling with one another to see which comes out ahead. That’s how I think. But to look at me, you never would guess. But I think you think the same way too. You are similarly dialectical although you may not own up to the fact.
Dialectics is difficult to explain because it can only be observed in practice. It is not a "method" or a set of principles which can be simply stated and then applied to a topic of choice. It is a way of thinking, a POV that frames reality and formats it.

"Everything changes bit by bit ... Then all at once, you have its opposite."

To cut a long philosophy lesson really short, that’s what makes me a socialist -- a scientific socialist rather than your run of the mill utopian kind -- but as labels go, that will have to do.

Pencil me in: caucasian male, dob 3/10/48, fair hair, approx 90 kgm, socialist, Homo sapien (but will go out with other creatures).