No beg your pardon

What's so interesting about these changes to welfare in the federal budget is that there are many who thought -- reasonably I think-- that they were so mean and unnecessary , even on ideological grounds, that the Coalition would not proceed with them. Now they slip by as a footnote to the most sardonic joke imaginable: $6 tax cuts!!
All over Australia workplaces are laughing at this sick joke. $6! Two cups of coffee. Where does $6 pay for your GST levy at any cash out?
This budget joke is really something and is a marked change from the more subtle aberrations we have been asked to wear in the past. This is a gross megaphone announcment to the effect that the welfare state -- the core and most enshrined achievement of the Australian labor movement(via the ALP in the main), has passed its use by date and is now very much on the way out. In the face of this obvious dynamic, Beazeley wants to up the anti and instead give us $12 -- FOUR cups of coffee.
One thing that would not be missed is that the welfare system -- a network of professionals and NGOs has failed to fulfil its self appointed 'advocacy' charter -- as enterprise after enterprise has been captured by then sentenced to the corporate model. Essentially, welfare has been privatised and now complies to the same market conditions as would the local pizza shop.
As for those WITH DISABILITIES -- it's worth noting the related irony that after years where people with disabilities have been affirmatively acted upon and supposedly given the respect due in our language, access to all our public buildings and sundry new ethical precepts-- they are now relegated to an expendable liability --a cost cutting exercise without so much as a beg your pardon.