Yep, a bona fide, honest to god, terrorist attack

If you haven't noticed the Indonesian consulate has been a victim of terrorist attack. Yep, a bona fide, honest to god, terrorist attack.
This is what being alert but not alarmed is all about.
But if you thought that meant Wog Watch, think again.
Reasonably it is being suggested that the mail carrying anthrax spores was sent by persons unknown who are racially fixated over the sentencing of Schapelle Corby in a Bali court last week.
After stirring up racial hatred and canonising the young woman as a true daughter of Oz, the local media have been offered a magnificent opportunty to do more of the same.
But there's a few problems with this scenario.

1) What about international terrorism? Isn't the war on terror supposedto be aimed at Towell Heads ? When did it become domestic?
2) Isn't terrorism un-Australian? Ask David Hicks? He'll tell you. That gets you a sentence to Guantanamo Bay for indefinite R&R. "Hey George we've got one of our own we want locked up in a 6 by 4. Send the manacles and a cute orange jump suit pronto."
3) This is terrorism "we" did.
Doesn't it make you so darn proud!This is Australian nationalism talking through the mail. This is what it means to sign on with the proud history J. Howard wants us aligned to.
They lock up one of "ours". We take it out on some of theirs.
Quid pro quo.
When the federal government locks up one of "ours" in mandatory detention -- we, what? -- blame the Indonesians? Or when one of "ours" gets posted OS and is found decrepid in a Manila hospice... Darn! she fooled everyone.
But they were wogs,weren't they? Rau couldn't speak the Queen's English so what do you expect? The kraut!
As for Vivian Young just look at her! She's obviously, you know, a chink.
And besides they were both fuckin mad.. and that explains a lot. Who can tell? Who's to know these things?
As for these Indonesians -- they all look alike. Touch one of ours and we get back at all 238 million of them via the nearest available letter box.
And by the way, I want my Tsunami money back.
A cheque will do fine.