The done thing in Blog-land is to mark anniversaries

I see where it is the done thing in Blog-land to mark anniversaries. Like the proverbial business enterprise, most blogs fail to thrive in their first year and are quietly put down.
I admit that I have been tardy. I acknowledge my neglect. But...

I was going to say that I'm not working for you. So this is really between me and the console.

But nothing. This is my blog. My blog is 1 year old. Happy birthday blog.

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Life of Riley Blog!!!
Happy birthday to you.

I won't inflict upon you a retrospective. Blog-writing is, however, a different kettle of fish than other literary pursuits I have tackled.

Could it be that the contents of the kettles of fish looked messy after the fish break up under the influence of the boiling water?

Blogs are funny fixtures. They're lures that are prettified up with eccentric attributes and then cast into cyberspace in search of a bite. Since you can't inspect what you catch you never can tell what your audience is like.
Or what it likes, for that matter.
But the getting of blog wisdom, I've found, is to not care and just do it.

And I learnt to blog it in a boat.
And I learnt to blog it with a goat...
And I can blog it in the rain.
And in the dark. And on a train.
And in a car.
And in a tree
It is so good, so good, you see!
So I can blog it in a box.
And I can blog it with a fox.
And I can blog it in a house
And I blog it with a mouse
And I will blog it here and there
Say! I will blog it ANYWHERE!