Follow up, Jeeves

In a passing moment it occurred to me that my harsh judgement of Jeeves in yesterdays' post was unwarranted. He may very well be a lackey of the Establishment, but who better to reflect the idleness of the bourgeoisie than his nibs, Bertram Wooster. Without Jeeves doing the work upstairs in the old loaf how would Bertie survive as he is incapable of little himself.
So Jeeves and Wooster/Wooster and Jeeves reflects the coarse synergy that maketh the system tick over. One is dependent upon and opposite to the other. The sharp irony in the Wooster saga is that we all know that. We see the dependence and reliance and guffaw because it is so crashly appropriate to the silly tasks to hand.
"Without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn..." or words to that effect. I guess this is the making of the musical that Wodehouse alluded to: Up comes the rag time tempo. Anda one; anda two..
They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn,
But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn.
We can break their haughty power; gain our freedom when we learn
That the Union makes us strong.
But maybe he didn't have such a proletarian edge in mind.