The good soldier Schweik

I need to point out that I am not the good soldier Schweik(or Švejk,) whose adventures in the First World War were recorded in the famous novel by Jaroslav Hasek. I admit to having read this work and others by Hasek. I know that the caricature that decorates this page is taken from Josef Lada's mischievous drawings that illustrated Hasek's novel. I admit to all these things and I do so proudly. Here at Life of Riley Inc. we defer to all things Czech and in adopting Schweik as our logo we do so in order to celebrate the wonderful satiric achievements of Jaroslav Hasek -- bohemian, satiric writer, bolshevik and Russian revolutionary.
If only we could all -- think, feel, live, write or do -- likewise.

There’s a lot of shitting in every battle,” the man from the escort chimed in again. “Not long ago one of the chaps who was wounded told us in Budĕjovice that when they were advancing he shitted three times in succession. . . . And a dead man, who lay on top of the cover with his legs hanging down and half of whose head had been torn off by shrapnel, just as though he’d been cut in half, he too in the last moment shitted so much that it ran from his trousers over his boots into the trenches mixed with blood. And half his skull together with his brains lay right underneath. A chap doesn’t even notice how it happens to him.” (346)
And as the troops passed through and camped in the neighbourhood there could be seen everywhere little heaps of human excrement of international extraction belonging to all peoples of Austria, Germany and Russia. The excrement of soldiers of all nationalities and of confessions lay side by side or heaped on top of one another without quarrelling among themselves. (598)
The Good Soldier Schweik -- Cited: Ian Johnston

Read Schweik. I am not him.