The Inaugural Senator Joe McCarthy Awards.

Golly I've been perennial commentator for ever so long and while I've contributed my ten bob's worth here and there I've always felt the need to put something back -- to leave a legacy if perchance I was suddenly taken.
What's not usually known about me is that I used to sit at the feet of that extraordinary man, B.A Santamaria, when oft we gathered at homebase (after mass in Hawthorn) -- the aply named Institute for Social Order run by that dear holy roller of an order, the Society of Jesus ( ie:Jesuits.)
Them were the days when you really knew that God was on your side.
But I thought that the tradition that B. A. exemplified and stood for -- the moral outrage and the clear anti communist vision -- is so seldom embraced today now that the Cold War regretably now seems so passe.
But professional red baiters -- and let's be clear about this, B. A Santamaria was the very best red baiter this country ever produced-- seem to be a dying breed. Where today are those great cold war warriors that gave so much of themselves? It's getting so that these pain in the arse Marxist wannabees are getting away least, telling fibs or egads, being Stalinist towards (dominus vobiscum)the ALP!
Anyway, spirited by the inspiring past that goes way way back and standing on the shoulders of that rich tradition I hereby announce the Inaugural Senator Joe McCarthy Awards.
I think red baiting is a rich and wonderful tradition that warrants study and attention in order to attain and retain professional standards. We cannot afford such a legacy to be lost from our political culture simply because some Blairite thinks it's no longer de rigueur to be either of the left or right . Where's the fun in that! I beg to differ: being anything rather than red is still a focal point and warrants serious attention as part of the thread in any ongoing internet discussion with political pretensions us.
And who better to mark that than the over-riding example of Senator Joe. It's true that Joe McCarthy was not an Australian but I'm sure in his heart of heart's when he was investigating "Un-American Activities" he always meant to say that it was ok to be a boy (sic) from Oz.
So what we want to do is celebrate Santa -- to dip our lid so to speak to Senator Joe and find our own True Blue red baiting battler.
So the committee is now accepting nominations. We want names and we want primary sources -- we want to see these people celebrated in their own words . We want you to share with us the the quotes that prove that your candidate is indeed worthy of this accolade.
The person with the most nominations will be be named champion. While an honorary title we are basically looking for a sharply focused diatribe that tries to thwart the progress of godless socialism or political trajectories that are not loyal to the primary bastion of this great country of ours -- parliament.
Of course any assertion made in lifted text need not necessarily be true. But thats' hardly the point, is it? We want impact. We want effect. We want to kick far left arse!