La Dolce Vita

As I told you: I am not proud.I live the good life and will freely admit it. Not for me the oppressive inconvenience of a necessary occupation force sent here to make the world safe from something or other. My surburban idyl is not peppered with platoons of armed men obstructing the streetscape and causing me to pull up for a quick once over.
Act suspiciously and as sure as Adam fell out of the apple tree I'd be shot. No thank you. Especially with my weak bladder.
I get enough excitement -- thankyou very much -- from talk-back radio.
I got it good.And I know it. La Dolce Vita. If people want to blow themselves up or take out their neighbours with more than an unsuppressed fart -- they can do that where they will, but spare me the angst:I don't want to have to put up with that kind of thing on my patch.
Here in my town I want business as usual to be standard operating procedure.
So if these pollies want to have their "war on terror" they can have it. Just don't get me mixed up in it.
Now I hear tell that somewhere over two hundred thousand have been killed off in this unfortunate business over there. That's very, well, unfortunate. So many and for what? You have to wonder.
But let's be frank, shall we, it's better that it stays there than comes here. I don't want a terrorist moving in next door to me, blowing himself up when ever the fancy takes him. Some sort of line has to be drawn and as I say better there than here. You know what I mean?
But it doesn't take a genius to work out that this business over there could have a lot to do with what may happen over here, like it did in London last week. They could leave their bazaar, or where ever the Maccas is, at breakfast, kitted out with a boom boom switch and be here by teatime-- and in the arms of Allah before Neighbours finishes.
So if you were to ask me if I'd prefer to pull us out of over there so I can enjoy those parts of good life I have here -- and I don't enjoy having to show my bag at the Coles checkout , I mean I sometimes won't go into Target precisely because I know if I don't buy anything I have to go through the third degree on the way out -- well, it's bloody obvious, isn't it? To me anyway.