My daughter wants a career...

Here at chez nous Riley in suburban Australia I have had plenty of time to ponder our familial lot. Being cooped up here for the best part of the most recent period, domestic matters have taken up my waking hours. I’ve become a house-frau of sorts. I even separated out the accumulated collection of socks --making them less odd and more even. If there is an internecine dispute herein it settles on the question of socks --the ownership thereof. With the current fad for anklet style white hosiery it is alltogether nigh impossible for lost and found footwear to find their true owner. So I intervene and make executive decisions.
With my good deed done I can now attend to the much more pressing problem of deciding on a career for one of my offspring. Mind you it is not my decision. She can do what she wants. I only hover on the edges like some yapping Kelpie making sure the options under review don’t go wondering off.
I don’t expect that we’re alone either. With the year half gone and every HSC or Year 12 in the country turning toward the home stretch thousands of wanna-be whatevers are pondering their next move.
I remember it well...way back when I too was asked to decide upon a "career". Assuming you lived right and studied hard, your world was supposed to be your oyster.
I have no regrets that after so many years hence I still haven’t decided upon a career. As age takes its toll I like to think that as my options shrink, I am becoming more focused.
Such a path hardly suits my daughter. What with tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggarman, consider-- the relatives’ refrain -- what do you want to be when you grow up?--now requires an answer.
But I fear this approach is far too adamant. Some may hark the call of a vocation and hark it early -- but generally what we’re all really after is the good life -- three meals a day with all mod cons...that sort of thing.
So when it comes to a career, the very first thing any 12th grader has to realize is that you may in fact have several of them. Indeed, the very essence of continuing to be something when you grow up is to learn how to roll with the redundancies. You won’t have just one career. It’s all about adaptability -- variety being the spice of life sort of thing.
You’ll have several...
While you may start out a tinker who knows where you’ll end up?
That said -and once heard, take a note of -- the next thing any 12th grader has to realize is that unemployment is not a career choice. It’s a sentence. It’s like being sent to jail without passing GO. It’s neither your fault nor your preference -- just the fall of the dice.
That’s working life for you. And when John Howard brings in his new industrial package, any notion of a self actuating career path will be a sick joke.
My daughter wants a career(singular/numero uno)? I’m sorry. I fear she’s made her move a bit too late.