One nation under an English god

ITEM: Here, then, are six specific proposals for addressing that larger issue.First, official multiculturalism policies must be abandoned outright...Second, we must sharply reduce, indeed virtually halt, Muslim immigrant inflow...Third, the precious gift of Australian citizenship must be harder to obtain...Fourth, citizenship should be conditional on reasonable fluency, appropriately tested, in English...Fifth, citizenship applicants should also have to pass a reasonable written test of citizenship's meaning: parliamentary democracy, respect for others' rights, the rule of law and a general understanding of the Australian values to which they swear commitment...Sixth, emphasis on English in our immigration policy should be enhanced.
JOHN STONE One nation, one culture July 22, 2005

Indeed herein we have food for thought. The problem according to Stone is those we succour at our own collective breast. We have been indulgent. Spare the lingua franca and spoil the child . With a name like “Stone” I guess he knows what’s what.

Stone: The name was probably given to an individual who resided near or by some remarkable stone, or at a place called Stone. "Will at the Stone." [Middle English, from Old English stān.]

Being a man who has for so long been an establishment figure of the very best Anglo Saxon stock who have been speakin da englishe for yonks.

العربيه :
‏(الاسم) حجر, حجر كريم, نواة, وحدة وزن, بلاطه ضريح (فعل) رجم بالحجارة, نزع النوى عن, بلط بالحجارة (صفه) حجري (ظرف) جامدا‏

Opps! Typo there.

n. πέτρα, λιθάρι, λίθος, πετράδι, πολύτιμος λίθος, κουκούτσι, (Βρετ.) βάρος 6, 348 χιλιογράμμων

There I go again. Slipping into another lingo that may not be to John Stone's liking.

And yet another...

But no matter which way you say it, what language do you use to explain this?

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