Public executions to fight terrorism

"I guess the lesson of the week is, Don't run away from an English cop in the London Underground, or anywhere else, particularly if you're brown or black. This means, don't run for a train or a bus, particularly with a bag in your hand. If you want to run, or even surrender to the cops, take all your clothes off and put all your hands up, as Eldridge Cleaver recommended in Soul on Ice. One in every ten of these London cops is heavily armed and will kill you without compunction."

So it goes...
If you can’t stand the heat on the streets in the modern metropolis your best course is to keep indoors. Pretend you have asthma or something. Among any list of standard phobias I wondered if the glossary patrol had such a situational stress disorder covered. Indeed it may have a name: fearingpoliceissmartaphobia.
But what’s in name? If you were perhaps looking for a malady to pass around next time social chit chat calls upon you to exhibit your symptom, I recommend fearingpoliceissmartaphobia -- especially if you are prone to being brown or black or in anyway levantine. Suggest that it may be congenitally acquired.
Three bullets to the brain is the preferred treatment.
Then I may be far too dismissive. Why settle for such a mundane and pervasive fear such as that focused on the local constabulary -- fearingpoliceissmartaphobia --when the real fun and games begins if you take the full package: fear of men running for trains/wearing jackets/carrying backpacks -- ergo: "acting suspiciously". That may make your angst-meter hover somewhere between "alert" and "alarmed". And while you are engaged in heavy breathing hypoxia consider that if the terrorists (who, as we know, to a man all run towards trains uniformly dressed in jacket and backpack)don’t get you, the War on Terrorism surely will.
So while we are offered such anxiety options as Islamophobia and fearingpoliceissmartaphobia where’s the handy lable that defines fear of the War on Terrorism itself? The very real fear that is generated by public executions of people who run for trains dressed in jacket or backpack.

I'm not proud. I confess. I suffer from such a phobia.