Me mother has it all worked out
The war. How can we fight this war on terrorism when we don’t know when we are supposed to be fighting? Think of that.
I am.
You want to know when you get up in the morning what to expect.
You want to be sure before you sit down to your Wheeties or head off to work that you’ve got the all clear. It comes back to knowing when not to be alert, and be alarmed instead. There’s a difference you see.
Yes there is.
Now my mum reckons that it can happen that we can go to bed alert and wake up alarmed.
It does happen.
But how do we know we have to wake up that way? How do we know that it wasn’t just a bad dream overnight?Think of that.
It warrants some consideration.
It sure does. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. You want to know for certain when it’s OK to be alarmed.
That would help.
It sure would. That’s the main game, isn’t it -- being prepared? ‘Cause when we’re alarmed what are we supposed to do?
Of course. Panic. Me mother says we should cut our losses and just stay alarmed.
What? All the time?
All the time.
So are you alarmed now?
I sure am. Me mother reckons you should fight terror with terror.
She does, does she? How?
Alarm clocks.
Alarm clocks?
They’re our best weapon in the war on terrorism. Me mother says you strap one to your tummy and go about your day. Who knows when they are going to go off.
Who knows...
You’re always alarmed.
I guess that' true.
And when it goes off and your innards seem to vibrate and you hastily plunge your hand in under your shirt to turn it off...Well, it scares the beejeebers out of any one in cooee.