Book notes: August Part I


  • Paperwight by Strephen Fry
  • P.G.Wodehouse - a portrait of a master by David A.Jasen
  • The White Earth by Andrew McGahan
  • Lenin and the Bolshevik Party -- a reply to Tony Cliff by Bruce Landau
  • A Sentimental Journey by Laurence Sterne
  • The Best of Myles by Flann O'Brien
  • The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy -- the original radio scripts by Douglas Adams
  • Anita and me by Meera Syal

* NB: Life of Riley enterprises is trying to keep up with Life of Riley's wife. LOR Inc wishes to also thank the Brisbane City Council library service for its extensive catalogue of titles. One of the best things about living in Brisbane is its library system -- "catalogued one day, borrowed the next".

We'll come back to Meera Syal in good time. But in case our readers are wondering -- to the effect "who the hell is Meera Syal ?" -- she is also the grandmother in the Kumars at No 42. Stephren Fry is the first part of ths team of Fry & Laurie ('tinks... ummm... Laurie/Laurie... ah yes methinks! House! on the box.). McGahan also wrote Praise. Great book then film. Almost cultish. Was big in Brazil. Lenin is a dead Russian well known there for a time and still discussed in whispered tones by ilk such as I. Laurence Sterne was the young Karl Marx's favorite writer. Marx went on to have a big effect on the reading habits of Valdimir Lenin (see above).And Adams -- now a very dead Adams after an inopportune encounter with his cardiac musculature at a LA gym --and his Hitchiker's Guide is so well known I don't have to add superfluity. Wodehouse is also dead(he died in an arm chair with a half filled pipe by his side). His calling card should read Bertram Wooster. He also wrote the lyrics for the tune My Bill which is one of the songs in Showboat (which is also the dramatic source for Ol Man River --which was sung by Paul Robeson in the film version. Ol Man River was the first song in the key of F that I learnt to play on the chromatic harmonica. )