Cindy Sheehan

The example being set by Cindy Sheehan's determined protest is a new inspiration for the anti-war movement world wide.
Cindy Sheehan, in a TV commercial released by Gold Star Families for Peace in August 2005
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Cindy Sheehan (born circa 1957) is an American anti-Iraq War activist who attracted international attention in August 2005 for her extended demonstration outside President George W. Bush's Texas ranch. She is sometimes referred to by the media as the "Peace Mom." Sheehan is the mother of the late US Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, who was killed in action at age 24 on Palm Sunday, April 4, 2004, just five days after his arrival in Sadr City, Iraq during the Iraq Occupation.
"No one wants to talk to Cindy Sheehan. No one wants to see her weep. No one wants to smell the bodies under the rubble in Fallujah. No one wants to know about the furious masses around the world that will make a mockery of this whole futile exhibition. ..That’s our job now, I’m thinking. To make them see what they don’t want to see." Stan Goff :FERAL SCHOLAR