If you have wondered about Big Brother maybe it’s time to wonder some more. My new clickity click forces me to run through my TV channels in consecutive order so in travelling between programs I often pass through TEN’s Big Brother and dawdle a bit. It is easy to be drawn in and becoming hooked, I’m sure, can happen before you realise how pre-occupied you have become with the inane happenings among the housemates.

12.07am Mel, Vesna and Greg all going to sleep. Tim has got dressed and disappeared (DR?). Greg sniffles.
Vesna: Are you crying, Greg?
Greg: No, just trying to clear my nose.
12.14am Audible whispers behind wall rouse Greg, Ves and Mel, who giggle. Tim returns, saying he had to say something he had neglected to say, or words to that effect.
Lights go out. Greg claims to have had a feeling about Kate going. Tim and Vesna ridicule this claim of psychic ability. Vesna and Greg agree that the flickering flame on the BR plasma display is comforting. All is cordiality and indeed
12.17am Tim insults Vesna in an indistinct manner
Vesna: Tim, that was a bit nasty of you
Tim: Sorry, that was a frivolous, idiotic comment
12.23am Vesna alarms me and HMs by saying "I hear voices again" but then we all realise she
means crew. Tim is restless.
V: What are you boys doing?
T: Secret mens' business V: Talking about what?
T: Nothing
G: Talking about how horny we are
T: I'm showing off my pillow technique...

Gets you in, doesn't it?
While I empathise with anyone who becomes addicted I have been fortunate enough to resist the temptation. That doesn’t make me a snob.It only means that when passing through TEN at those times I had somewhere else to go.
However you’ll notice that the print dailies, at least the Murdoch ones, will often log the crises in the household. And so it was today that my local print medium bannered away with the announcement:

Prude gets marching orders

We learn that housemate Kate was summarily evicted because of her homophobia -- receiving the highest expulsion vote percentage so far in this series - 56%.
Homophobia? Yes indeed. Who says we lack standards:
Kate said the small amount of kissing between the two boys so far was more than enough and that she felt physically ill after witnessing the sight. "I’ll vomit. That was disgusting. I’m homophobic." She explained. "That really freakin’ scared the shit out of me." Kate then shocked even further, when she went on to say that she only hates men who are gay. "If I were to kiss a chick, it wouldn’t matter. Two guys, yuck. I hate it and I fear it."...The revelation of Kate’s nasty homophobic side has left housemates and BB fans dumbfounded, some of Kate’s most loyal supporters now saying she’s lost them. Behind Big Brother July 25

So goodbye Kate -- not that I can recall much about you. But your passing makes me so darned proud.