How Australia looks after its own citizens

From this time forward, under God,
I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people,
whose democratic beliefs I share,
whose rights and liberties I respect, and
whose laws I will uphold and obey.

Thus maketh the perfect citizen as in ‘ship -- citizen by choice. Those of us born here aren’t offered an option. A few chromosomes either which way and we could have ended up any where you care to mention. And I’d be speaking some other lingua franca. As it is I communicate in English and live within the four walls of this nation.

a collectivity existing within a clearly demarcated territory, which is subject to a unitary administration, reflexively monitored both by the internal state apparatus and those of other states.

somewhere south of -20 Latitude and due east of 115 Longitude. Terra Australis Incognita the great unknown southern land is its historical name. Jonathan Swift was one of the first to note our quaint existence in his Gulliver journal:

It would not be proper, for some reasons, to trouble the reader with the particulars of our adventures in those seas; let it suffice to inform him, that in our passage from thence to the East Indies, we were driven by a violent storm to the north-west of Van Diemen's Land. By an observation, we found ourselves in the latitude of 30 degrees 2 minutes south...

If we draw a line to the northwest from the centre of Tasmania's north coast, it reaches this latitude close to the northern end of Lake Torrens... whereabouts Swift located Lilliput -- a country of tiny people.

"The place, my lord, is much like Gideon’s fleece
The second time he laid it on the ground;
For by the will of God it has remained
Bone-dry itself, with water all around.

"Yet as a wheel that’s driven in the ruts,
It has a wet rim where the people clot
Like mud; and though they praise the inner spaces,
When asked to go themselves,
They’d rather not.

"The men are brave, contentious, ignorant;
The women very much as one expects.
For their religion, I must be excused,
Having no stomach to observe their sects.

"You must be wary in your conversation;
For, seeing them thumb-high, you might suppose
They recognised their stature, but beware!
Their notion of themselves is grandiose. "
-- James McAuley

So it goes...
But we have come a long way since Swift’s Gulliver urinated on the Lilliput apartments --- a very long way. We’re cultured... cosmopolitan and can now boast our own National Public Toilet grid. When it comes to citizenship within a nation state of one's preference, who could ask for more?
In this land downunder we look after our own. No wonder so many want to come here.
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