The ideal of moderation and identification with the values we all share

Make no two bones about it, John Winston Howard was right on the money when he said that "we want to promote the ideal of moderation and identification with the values that all Australians share". I mean that’s it in a nutshell. We have to harness the energy - not just in Australia, but around the world - of moderate Muslims and put it to work for a good cause. I don’t know what they’ve been up to lately but it’s about time that they all took some responsibilty.
-- For terrorism?
For their actions. Islam and terrorism are hand in glove, aren’t they? Maybe it’s a few bad eggs, maybe it’s inherent, you know, in with their mothers’ milk. You can’t tell me that all these jihad merchants don’t drink at the same tap?
-- But isn’t Howard suggesting that there are some who drink in moderation?
Well, there you go. That’s it in a nutshell. "Some" can hold their Islam. Others can’t. Muslimism is something to be taken in moderation. It’s to be enjoyed -- we can’t begrudge them that. But one should limit one’s intake. What we should be looking at is a sort of pan-Islamic temperance league they can sign on with. One that will help them all to know their limit.
-- Maybe that explains why Howard is offering to meet with only a selected few.
You have to raise the bar. That’s most important. You have to give a strong indication as to what constitutes moderation.
--And identification too I guess.
Definitely. We are talking about rooting for the home side here.
--For Canberra rather than Mecca?
Well, there you go. Now you’re talking. They can’t go batting for the other team.
--So I guess this is where the values we all share kick in?
They do indeed.
--And what would they be?
Well, off the top of my head...'mateship'--that’s very Australian that is...'belief in a fare go'...that's another. You know, all the Australian-way-of-life stuff.
-- Stubbies, beer, beach going, barbies? That sort of thing? Is that what you mean?
Too right. All them things. And the footee. Do the Ay-rabs play football? Anyway all those values we hold dear.
--Which are shared by all Australians...?
Of course.
Excepting those Moslems of course.