I was casting around for an anxiety option in regard to all our current standard operational fears. I don’t have a name for all of the disorders we are supposed to all share. But I am led to believe that Islamophobia is good for all occasions and is well ahead of the rest of the pack. When stuck with the challenge of putting a name to any free ranging angst -- then your preferred phobic reaction, I understand, should be blamed on the prophet Mohamed.
Gone are the days when some wise live-in family sage will pass on such gems as -- "Don’t put that in your mouth. Some Chinaman could have been wiping his bum with it!" or "Ah! That looks more Protestant!"
Instead the word about is of Allah and how far you can stretch your Islamophobia to market a homily.
Somewhere there’s supposed to be a lesson and once heard, you are supposed to take it to heart.
But this penchant for Islamically driven fears obscures the real game that’s afoot and instead of fearing Islam -- and being Islam phobic, as we part-time shrinks iterate -- we should instead skip such an aside and go straight to the mother of such dread: Iraqnophobia.
I would like you to note the fact that herein I have described a new disease entity -- fear of the War on Terrorism itself.
This pathological entity has, of course, reached pandemic proportions as incidences of its spread become more evident each time the daily press is consulted. Of course,some of its earliest manifestations were recorded among the residents of Baghdad. Further ground breaking research was later conducted in the city of Fallujah and now the population of London is similarly afflicted.
Unfortunately, despite it’s pervasiveness, Iraqnophobia is seldom talked about. It should be, becausethe War on Terrorism scares the begeebers out of me.