Miss Mapleton's secret Flann O'Brien alcove

It is indeed a pleasure to come across another person who is a keen follower of Flann O'Brien aka any number of smart pseudonyms -- none of which we will go into here.
Miss Mapleton has added to her web presence a quaint shrine to O'Brien which he now shares with its owner's enthusiasm for Ireland's first Celtic rock band, Horslips.
I'll let Miss Mapleton tell you about Horslips as my memory on that matter is very vague as ours is, if anything, a bagpipe, bodhran and step dancing household. We tend to go elsewhere for our rock and roll being primarily acoustic when it comes to our auditory input from the isle of our convict forbears.
But we recommend that you partake of Miss Mapleton's passions ( although she prefers the term "infatuations").
Miss Mapleton's O'Brien infatuation can be monitored at: Combackhorslips. From thither you can go yon.