Mount the stump and proclaim,‘ Liberty!’

Free speech is a absolutely fabulous watchword (or two). It’s what these inalienable rights those Americans hold so dear are apparently all about. We tend to latch onto them as some sort of antipodean shadow. But we have our free range roots down here under the Southern Cross.

”I knew that hundreds were in great poverty, who would possess wealth and happiness if allowed to cultivate the wilderness which surrounded us. The grievances under which we had long suffered, and the brutal attack of that day, flashed across my mind; and, with the burning feelings of an injured man, I mounted the stump and proclaimed 'Liberty!’. “Peter Lalor:10 April 1855 on the Ureka Stockade

Them were fighting words, Pete, fighting words. There are many a digger who went to their death thinking that under our tawdry ensign these freedoms reign -- like that to good ole home grown freedom of speech.What better cause was there worth dying for?
(Psst: let’s not mention the imperial interests!)
World War I 58,000 dead
World War II 39,000 dead
So when a local big mouth associate professor of Public Law at Macquarie University dumbs down his views and jumps upon the race hate wagon, what’s a dead digger to think?
Prof Andrew Fraser: It is the sun bronzed, blonde, blue eyed Aussie. That is what brought me down here. That is what, I would say, brought many people down here, the belief that what was really attractive about Australia, was that it was populated by Australians.
Ray Martin: It is 20 million of us. Except that we’re not all blonde and blue eyed, we’re all colours.
Drew: I would suggest, if Australia turned into a country of 35 million people who are majority non white, it would be a much less attractive destination for migrants.
Ray: That is not going to happen. Where you live, and where we all live, is a multicultural society. We get on fine with each other. Why would you raise the spectre of crime?
Drew: It is not a matter of getting on fine, I would say that it is a matter of mutual indifference. Every time I go to Westfield Parramatta, well first of all, what I do notice there is the complete absence, well virtually of white Australians. What I do see is this polyglot mix of people who have nothing in common whatever, except the shopping experience. Do you want your Grandchildren to be part of an ethnic minority? Sub Saharan Africans have an average IQ of 70-75, that is a fact.
Ray: That is Adolf Hitler stuff. It’s just rubbish
Drew: No it is not
Ray: Why would you raise this racist line?
Drew: It is not racist, what it is racial realism. Could it possibly be the reason why blacks in Africa and elsewhere are notoriously unsuccessful is because they are cognitively challenged, compared to other more … more ….uh… other groups.
Well, there you go. This is what it’s all about, these freedoms which are so often spoken there of. But what does the university do in the face of such crass racism? It prevailed upon the prof to retire early and then cancelled his classes.

TERRY O'GORMAN: Well, whatever gloss the university puts on it, most people will see it as an attempt by the university to stifle Mr Fraser's free speech...Now, frankly, I personally find what Mr Fraser has said to be quite offensive. It's inaccurate, it's primitive, and indeed it's racist, but the reality is that's what universities are supposed to be about - a free exchange of ideas, even if some ideas are deeply offensive.
[ Terry O'Gorman, President of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties].

You bet! While you have to wonder about the book learning standards that are the norm among academe on Macquarie campus, such views warrant protest and debate not the thought police.